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Vogue Columnist Attacked Ivanka Trump For Her Father’s Policies

Ivanka Trump is being attacked just because she is not the what the liberals wanted her to be.

Michelle Ruiz wrote in Vogue a piece named, “Look, It’s Time to Collectively and Officially Give Up on Ivanka Trump,” calling Trump’s tweet which indicated that transgenders will be banned from the military “another big, fat failure for Ivanka Trump.”

Ruiz attacked Ivanka for not being persuasive enough to influence her father’s LGBTQ policies and for not being able to keep the United States in the Paris climate change accord.

“It’s time to stop expecting Ivanka will do anything meaningful with her proximity to power,” She said. “She is not going to save us, or anyone else.”

“Ivanka recently went so far as to return to her pre-White House claim that she tries to ‘stay out of politics.’ Another translation? She’s all but given up, and it’s high time we gave up on her, too,” Ruiz continued.

Some pointed out that if the liberals are offended then Ivanka Trump must be doing something right.

“I get the sense, if you have to label it, that a lot of her goals and special interests would be more progressive than not, but with a business angle to them and with practicality and cost in mind as well,” TV host and commentator Sharyl Attkisson stated.

“I do think she will have an influence on the things she cares about, including things like the paid family leave and things that affect women and children and the things that liberals should actually like quite a bit,” Attkisson continued.

For instance, Ivanka has been working on implementing paid family leave, expand internships and support women entrepreneurs, issues that are more connected to the business world than social justice

“Despite her numerous accomplishments, the left has waged war on the first daughter in recent weeks. Why? Because they hate her father. A strong women’s rights advocate and outspoken social liberal is being seen through the shadow of a man in her life: Her father, Donald J. Trump,” wrote Kristin Tate on The Hill.

“Why the vitriol against Ivanka, far more than against her brothers? Much of it can likely be boiled down to jealousy. Left-leaning journalists and self-proclaimed ‘feminists’ won’t admit it, but she is everything that we all aspire to be: smart, beautiful, and successful,” Tate sid. “If Ivanka were anyone else’s daughter, she would be praised as a trailblazer. If she were anyone else’s daughter, she’d probably also be successful with or without Donald Trump’s money or influence.”

U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley said that even though the liberals are attacking her, Trump “sees herself as part of a public service family and does not want to waste this time by not putting forward some effort to try and help the world.”

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