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Voters Say No to Socialism: Sanders & Ocasio-Cortez Backed Candidates Lose

After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez scored a victory in New York earlier this summer, some predicted that the much-discussed “blue wave” might bring a flood of socialists to office. After Tuesday’s primary result, which followed much campaigning by Ocasio-Cortez and kindred spirit, Bernie Sanders, the tides do not seem to be in their favor.

Candidates endorsed by the two avowed socialists fared poorly in races at all levels across the country. Abdul El-Sayed from Michigan, who was on the ticket for governor, fell 20 percentage points behind his Democratic competition, even with both Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez coming out to stump for him.

In Missouri, Cori Bush, who also had the support of Sanders and Ocasio-Cortez, was trounced by Rep. Lacy Clay. Other notable defeats occurred in Kansas, Michigan, and Washington House races where the appeal of the ultra-progressive duo simply couldn’t woo voters.

Their lack of success can, in part, be attributed to their party’s former standard bearer. Former President Barack Obama released a slate of endorsements last week that seemingly leaned more establishment than progressive. His list included dozens of former administration and campaign officials.

The only race that the influence of the pair was seemingly a factor for was the race to succeed disgraced Rep. John Conyers in Michigan’s 13th District. Rashida Tlaib won a race, which now means that she will be unopposed in the general election.

A victory would make her — along with Ocasio-Cortez — the only card carrying member of the Democratic Socialists of America to hold a seat in Congress.

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