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‘Walking Dead’ Stuntman Died In Accident On Set

John Bernecker, the stuntman of Walking Dead TV Show tragically died from the injuries he got on the set of the show.

Bernecker was practicing a fight scene which should have ended with a routine fall from a 25-foot balcony, but unfortunately Bernecker lost his balance and fell onto the floor at the Raleigh Studio in Atlanta, Ga.

He got a traumatic blow to the head and was rushed to the Atlanta Medical Center, where he was placed on life support in intensive care, but sadly he died Thursday evening.

AMC suspended production of season 8 after the accident.

“We are saddened to report that John Bernecker, a talented stuntman for The Walking Dead and numerous other television shows and films, suffered serious injuries from a tragic accident on set,” AMC stated Thursday. “He was immediately transported to an Atlanta hospital and we have temporarily shut down production. We are keeping John and his family in our thoughts and prayers.”

Bernecker was a veteran stunt performer, fight choreographer and actor, who is known for his work on Black Panther (2018), Logan (2017) and Fantastic Four (2015), according to IMDb.

Bernecker worked on the upcoming films Rampage, starring Dwayne Johnson, and Game Night, starring Rachel McAdams and Jason Bateman. Both films are still in production.

Those two movies release date is in 2018, along with Marvel’s Black Panther, another film Bernecker worked on, which is already in post-production.

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