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‘WALL OF PROTECTION’ – Do You Support Bikers For Trump DEFENDING Trump’s Inauguration?

Chris Cox from Bikers for Trump just appeared on Fox News to explain the biker’s game plan for Inauguration Day.

Cox says that the bikers are willing to go “toe-to-toe” with those protesting Trump, prepared to form a “wall of meat” if things get out of hand. They have my full support! 

This “wall of protection” is much like the strategy they use at funerals which are being protested. They simply to stand with their bikes in rows and block the protesters from viewing or disrupting mourners.

However, Chris Cox says the bikers aren’t expecting to have to make a wall. He told Lou Dobbs, “we’re confident that law enforcement has learned their lesson… we are anticipating a celebration here.”

What else would you expect from these patriotic police supporters other than respect for the authority of police and a willingness to stand by just in case?

Though the Liberals would love to think of bikers as gangs of criminals, Cox’s organization, as he points out, include veterans and patriots of all backgrounds. They’re peaceful, outspoken, freedom-loving Americans who have a strict code of conduct.

I can’t wait to see them on Inauguration Day. Amidst the annoying sight of protesting Liberal crybabies will be Bikers for Trump and other Trump-supporters, ready to share in the celebration and ignore the delusional Clinton-supporters.

In fact, I think among the peaceful but firm Bikers for Trump the Liberal protesters just might realize how childish they are, and how few their numbers are. I mean, maybe I’m expecting too much self-reflection from the Michael Moore and Meryl Streep types.

But, I bet there are a lot of Liberals who have simply been fooled by the mainstream media. Talking to the excellent people in Bikers for Trump might be a real eye opener for them!

Either way, we’ll drag the protesters, kicking and screaming if need be, into a more prosperous America. I have every hope they’ll calm down eventually. In the meantime, Bikers for Trump needs our support!

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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