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WALSH: Elizabeth Warren Would Be A Formidable Presidential Nominee. As A Conservative, I’m Terrified Of Her.

I know that my opinion isn’t worth very much, especially to those of a more liberal persuasion, but I have to say that I am blown away by Elizabeth Warren. Frankly, as a conservative, the prospect of her candidacy terrifies me. Can anyone connect with the average American like the Senator from Massachusetts? Have we ever seen a major political figure who resonates especially with the youth the way Senator Warren does? I think not.

Case in point. Last night, Warren had the youngsters swooning when she filmed herself drinking a beer on a social media internet website called Instagram. I was at the bar myself when I heard about it. This young fellow sitting next to me pulled out his cellular telephone and said to me, “Check out this video clip! Elizabeth Warren is just like us!” And sure enough. There she was, throwing back an ol’ brewski. I mean, can you say “relatable”?

To top it off, she brings her husband into the shot and actually says, “thank you for being here.” To her own husband. As they are both standing in their own kitchen. Now if that doesn’t qualify as normal human dialogue between two married people, I don’t know what does. It reminds me of my own wife, who always shakes my hand and says, “It was great seeing you again, please stay in touch” as I leave for work in the morning.

If Warren gets the nomination, I might just have to switch political teams. And I’m definitely not alone. Elizabeth Warren is just that magnetic. Think about it: any old politician can try to earn points by claiming to be partially non-white, but who besides Warren would have the courage to actually take a DNA test and prove that they are a tenth of a tenth of one percent Native American or maybe Mexican or maybe something else in that general ethnic vicinity? I’ll tell you this: good luck winning even one minority vote if Elizabeth Warren is your opponent. Minorities certainly don’t find it at all demeaning or insulting when you try to win their vote with a DNA test. I know this because my great uncle’s business partner had a niece whose friend was friends with a guy who married a Pacific Islander.

Man, this woman is formidable. She scares me even more than a third Hillary Clinton run. Speaking of which, I thought Hillary Clinton was the most charismatic and genuine politician in American history. But then along comes Elizabeth Warren. Please, Democrats, don’t nominate Elizabeth Warren. And definitely don’t put Warren and Clinton on a ticket together. They’d win every vote in every state. It would be a slaughter. I’m begging you. Please don’t do it. Have mercy on us. And please don’t nominate Cory Booker, either. Or Kamala Harris for that matter. And Bernie Sanders, the elderly white socialist who just bought his third house? He could win 70 million votes, easy.

Please don’t nominate any of these people, Democrats. Yes they would crush the opposition, but let’s make this a fair fight. Give us a chance, at least. Be good sports about it. That’s all I ask.

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