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WATCH: 11-Year-Old Trump Fan BEATEN While Teacher WATCHED IT HAPPEN

Liberal ‘tolerance’ strikes again. Now it is spreading to the younger generation, as liberal indoctrination sweeps the schools.

An eleven-year-old student was thrown out of his desk and beaten by fellow students after admitting to voting for Donald Trump in a mock election. Multiple students punched and kicked the young Trump supporter while the teacher watched it happen.

The student says he is afraid to return to class.

Officials from the school board claim that the attackers have been suspended, but it was still unclear how this was allowed to happen.

All students in this nation should be learning that we have a right to support ANY political candidate we want, without fear of harassment or intimidation as a result. We have an essential tradition of a smooth transition of power, and that includes political supporters. Liberals may be angry that they lost, but they cannot resort to violence.

“That’s what America’s about. We had to respect the last election results, and I feel like everyone should respect this election’s results,” said the victim’s father, who is also a proud Trump supporter.

Yet Democrats have no plan to respect the results of this election. We should not be surprised that the hatred the Democrats foster is seeping into their children, as even our college-aged students are committing acts of violence against Trump supporters.

Attacks against Trump supporters have been on the rise since the election, which is unsurprising when you consider how the mainstream media has been relentlessly levying baseless attacks against President Trump for his supposedly bigoted views. The media has been pushing the narrative that President Trump is a monster, yet they act shocked when people take them seriously and start monster hunting.

Democrats should heed the advice of the victims father: I know we’ve been very opinionated on this election, but I’ve never said anything to the point where I would incite violence.” We live in a free country, and that includes freedom from political violence. Democrats need to condemn their goon squads instead of slinging accusations of fascism.

As the old saying goes, “beware when you are fighting monsters, that you don’t become a monster.” Except in this case, the liberals were never even fighting real monsters — just people they didn’t agree with.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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