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WATCH – ’60 Minutes’ Wanted to Prove Muslim Refugees ‘Peaceful’ – Blows Up in Their Face

Liberals want to push the narrative that Muslim refugees can do no wrong, that they do not pose a threat… but we all know that is a blatant lie.

The television series 60 Minutes sent a crew to Sweden to film a puff piece on the success of the Swedish refugee program. Instead, they found that the Swedish people were afraid, and the Muslim refugees were violent.

“It’s a little more hostile than I had anticipated,” said the host to a Swedish man. He sternly replied, “Welcome to Rinkeby — it is also called Little Mogadishu.”

The television crew quickly realized they misjudged the situation. The Muslim population became hostile within minutes of their arrival. The refugees do not want their dens of crime broadcast to the world.

Liberals in America are hoping to continue former President Obama’s plan to accept thousands of Muslim refugees into our country. Yet, even Obama’s own intelligence experts warned about the enormous problems vetting these people. The politically correct elitists merely plug their ears to the danger and open their arms.

Of course, the elite politicians will not be the ones forced to deal with the incoming refugees. The elite live in gated communities far from where refugees are being settled. It is everyday Americans who are forced to bear the brunt of their “progressive” policies.

Unlike the migrants of yore, Muslims have no intention of entering the melting pot. They desire to bring their customs with them and destroy the process of assimilation. Muslims hold Sharia Law above the constitution. They want to be Muslims in America and not Americans.

Obama ignored his duty to protect the American people. Thankfully, we have been successful in electing President Trump, who has vowed to put America first. President Trump understands that there are dangerous people overseas who are willing to lie and abuse our flawed vetting system. ISIS has intentions to smuggle terrorists into America through the refugee system, and they have stolen machines to create counterfeit passports.

Many so-called refugees are hailing from countries whose governments are in tatters. There is no way that our border officials can verify that they are who they say they are. It is frankly dangerous to blindly accept refugees without having the ability to determine their true intentions.

Of course, the mainstream media ignored the attacks against their fellow journalists because it did not fit the narrative.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

There is no way to know how many jihadists have already snuck into our country. We cannot know until they take up arms and start beheading “infidels” at local shopping centers.

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