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WATCH – ’60 Minutes’ Wanted to Prove Muslim Refugees ‘Peaceful’ – Didn’t See THIS Coming

Barack Obama and other globalists want to take in large numbers of refugees including from places like Syria. They bury their heads in the sand over the fact that other countries who have done this are having major problems as a result.

A crew from the television show 60 Minutes went to Sweden to cover the effect of Muslim refugees in the country. However, the Muslim refugees reacted violently by throwing things at the journalists and hitting them.

This video demonstrates the problem with blindly accepting Muslim refugees into any country. Many Muslims do not assimilate into the host culture—instead, they try to change it. When they do not get their way, they lash out in violence just as they did here.

The journalist only wanted to question the two Muslim men, but the driver instead ran his car over one of the cameraman’s feet. Is this the kind of thing you want happening in this country?

The liberal media are always defending Muslims by arguing that the majority of Muslims are peaceful. Sure, obviously not all Muslims are violent. However, our vetting system as it stands now, and apparently those of many European countries, can’t tell the difference between kind Muslims and radical Muslims.

How much violence needs to occur before the mainstream media will say we cannot afford to have unvetted Muslim immigrants or refugees in our country? I believe one incident of violence against an American is enough to justify a rigorous vetting process for all non-citizens who wish to enter our country.

The liberal media never discuss the fact that the Quran calls for violence against those who do not believe in Islam. The liberal media also never acknowledge that ISIS has explicitly stated they will attempt to use immigration and refugees to infiltrate the United States.

Our children deserve to live in a country where we investigate the background of those who come here. Our children deserve to be free from terrorist attacks and free from fear of them. Americans, of every age, deserve to live in a country where there is law and order.

This is why Donald Trump has proposed significant upgrades to our vetting system. We need to determine which refugees or immigrants are members of potential terrorist groups and which are not. Those who called Trump a racist for these policies refuse to explain why Sweden is having so many problems with violence. Obviously, Trump simply wants to put American citizens first. There’s nothing racist about that.

If the liberal media want to demonstrate how peaceful Muslims can be, they are free to do so, but they should also be showing their viewers (those they have left) the incidents of Muslim violence as well. If they do not, then they are just as guilty of generalizing Muslims as those they think are saying “all Muslims are violent.” The truth is that, as with all groups of people, not all Muslims are peaceful.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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