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WATCH: 9 Pro-Trump States Just DEFIED Illegal Immigrants With THIS Brilliant New Law

The media wants you to think the nation has turned on President Trump less than a month into his job. But, the reality is that there are millions of Americans who are thrilled with his decisions so far.

On the issue of illegal immigration and sanctuary cities, he is not alone. In fact, nine states have just voted to block funding to their own so-called sanctuary cities.

These nine states are no powder-puffs, by the way. They include five of the top ten state economies (Texas, Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina.) Texas and Florida are most notable here. These states have tons of illegal immigrants and are not moving to protect them. Sanity has spoken.

It was Texas’ Governor Abbot who essentially spearheaded this movement. His legislation is the most aggressive. While some officers of the law refuse to hold any criminals for ICE, Texas will now require officers to hold all suspects until ICE verifies they are legal, or illegal.

While the media would have us believe the notion that Trump is clueless and aloof, operating from his own secluded island, many state leaders like the direction he’s headed.

Even more importantly, We the People are behind what Trump has done, and has promised to do, about illegal immigration.

Liberals are trying to revise history again. They are pretending that Trump wasn’t chosen by Americans to lead Americans.  He was indeed voted for and millions of us are thrilled to have him.

What’s also thrilling, is state leaders have decided enforcing the rule of law is a huge priority. To have a nation you need three things. Land, people, and laws. Without the laws you have nothing. When I visit other nations, I learn the local laws and obey them. Why? Because I know they will lock me up, deport me, or both, if I don’t. And that’s the way it should be.

Part of the problem is that liberals believe the word American is a synonym for human being. Americans cannot support the whole world. It doesn’t work that way.

The other problem is that liberals think they don’t have to follow a law if they don’t like it. Well, here’s their wake-up call. Cities like Chicago, New York, and San Francisco better start making space. Folks from nine states are headed your way. Maybe then you’ll realize what a huge burden this nation is actually suffering under.

Congratulations to the states that have finally seen the light on enforcing our immigration laws! Here’s to hoping every state soon follows suit and all those illegals will have only one option… to go back from whence they came!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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