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WATCH: Ann Coulter EXPOSED Every Racist LIE Michelle Obama Ever Told To America

When you want to talk about your feelings, you call a liberal. When you want to talk about facts, you call a conservative, but not just any conservative. When you need to make sure that your argument is one hundred percent on point, you need Ann Coulter.

Ann is one of our favorites , for good reason – she gets it done. Whether it’s Al Sharpton or the President of the United States, if they start spouting nonsense, you best believe Ann will come and set them straight,which is exactly what she did with clueless Michelle Obama.

When the First Lady said in a commencement speech that she has never been proud of our country or that she wakes up in a house built by slaves, it’s clear that Michelle Obama has race-baiting rhetoric that just won’t let up…until Ann comes in and cites statistics about the black community that Michelle does NOT want the public to know, because that would destroy any racist argument she could ever put out.

Here’s Coulter’s exchange with Sean Hannity. Try not to nod the entire time in agreement.

It’s clear why liberals call Ann all sorts of names, it’s because she speaks the uncomfortable truth that no one on the left wants to admit, and I, for one, cannot stop cheering her on.

Michelle Obama, I’m glad that after November, no one will have to hear from you again.

Source: Yesimright

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