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WATCH – Anti-Trump Protesters Attack Bikers For Trump, Get a ‘KNUCKLE SANDWICH’

The Women’s March tried to claim Donald Trump has no support, but the jovial celebration by Bikers for Trump put a damper on that argument.

One upset, skinny liberal man decided to shove a biker twice his size and got the wailing he deserved. I’m sure the liberals will call it unjust, but the man shouldn’t be shoving people.

Don’t start something unless you intend to finish it because the Bikers for Trump will do it for you. There’s no doubt about that.

A lot of the liberals were trying to interfere with people celebrating Donald Trump’s presidency, which is rather hypocritical. We let you protest, march, and express your views — it’s your right to do so, and it’s our right to do so as well.

Don’t come to a biker rally and shout over the music and try to fight against them — they’re trying to celebrate America. Just because you’re mad, it doesn’t mean you can impede upon people’s rights to express their beliefs.

As for the Women’s March, that’s your choice, but don’t hate on the women who didn’t march and don’t say they don’t care about women’s rights. They do, but not the way you do. Many conservative women don’t think Donald Trump is a threat to their rights.

Donald Trump won’t abolish gay marriage — if there was any indication that he would have, I personally wouldn’t have voted for him. I believe people should be able to marry anyone they want to and so does President Trump. He waved a rainbow flag at one of his rallies, people. He supports you.

Caitlyn Jenner, a transgender, voted for him! How do you explain that?! Trump may not understand or support everyone’s life choices, but he has made it very clear that if you are an American, he will fight for you, period!

I understand that the women of the world are confused about what Donald Trump stands for, but listen to what he says and don’t put words in his mouth. Don’t condemn people because they didn’t vote for Hillary and don’t call them racists or homophobes. We’re not!

Bring up your views on Donald Trump’s website — it’s very user friendly. Tell him your grievances, and I’m sure he will take them into consideration. Donald Trump is a president of the American people who wants to improve this country. He wants to improve our lives, every single one of us.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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