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WATCH – Anti-Trump Protesters Surround Cops, Then Get What’s Coming to Them

Today is inauguration day, and, as expected, the liberals who are getting paid to protest are busy earning their check.

Anti-Trump protesters tried to cause a commotion outside of what is being called the “Deploraball.” However, these protesters were quickly hit with pepper spray grenades and tear gas.

The “Deploraball” name is, of course, a reference to a comment from Hillary Clinton when she called many hardworking Americans “deplorables.” This comment likely contributed to her loss of the presidency.

The actions by law enforcement have been in response to many anti-Trump protesters throwing things at police officers, such as water balloons and bicycles. Some other protesters were seen trying to start fires on this wonderful occasion, as per Russia Today.

Unfortunately, this type of behavior from Obama-Clinton supporters is not at all shocking. We have already seen these individuals start riots, stop their college classes, cry on camera, and try to blame the election on anything but the Democrat nominee.

Security at the inauguration is the tightest it has ever been. Any protesters need to know that these security officers will not hesitate to use non-lethal force to contain them and secure the area for Trump to become president. Considering all of the threats Donald Trump has received, and the undercover videos from Project Veritas revealing protesters with dangerous plans, such security measures are justified.

During Trump’s speech, he could not have made it clearer that he will be a president for everyone. And yes, that even means those idiot liberals that did not vote for him. These protesters need ot to give it a break and give the man a chance to deliver on his promises!

We had a free and fair election, and the time for debate is over. Today, it is time for us to be Americans, not Democrats, Republicans, or Independents. It is outrageous that there would be protesters at Trump’s inauguration. To protest this ceremonial event, especially in a violent way, flies in the face of all the men and women who have given their lives so that we could have fair elections.

Liberal organizations will likely try to continue to pay agitators to attend events and hold protests to try and undermine the new president, but hopefully more and more liberals will return to common sense and refuse this bribe, which is intended only to undermine the will of We the People.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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