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WATCH: Barack H. Obama is FREAKING OUT After What Tucker Carlson Exposed on TV

Fox News is (by far) the most-watched news station in the world because they’re the only agency that reports the truth.

While every other channel ignores the enormous Obama spy scandal, Fox News host Tucker Carlson is honest and informative. In a recent segment, Carlson clearly explains the spying scandal and why it’s a huge problem.

“Our laws currently provide no serious protection for U.S. citizens from being spied upon for political reasons by their own government.” Carlson said.

This is the terrifying reality of the modern spying apparatus. Democrats (and their cronies in the mainstream media) pretend the spying wasn’t a concern because it wasn’t illegal. That’s because the Obama administration changed the rules to fit their interests.

The NSA and other U.S. agencies collect data around the clock. Every U.S. citizen, and many foreign citizens and officials the world over, are susceptible.

We’re told to accept this because we have a constitutional right to privacy that prevents the government from spying on us without a warrant. This spying scandal shows us that these protections are insufficient. The Obama administration was able to spy on members of the Trump transition team. Others, including Sean Hannity, were also targeted without a warrant or court order.

The standard to justify spying on a U.S. citizen is so low that the clearly controversial act of recording all of the communications of a political opponent is not illegal, as long as you claim it is in the interest of national security.

Democrats invented lie after lie about Trump’s ties to Russia. Those unfounded allegations, in the minds of the left, justify round-the-clock spying on anyone attached to the Trump campaign and administration. Obama didn’t need to show probable cause or obtain any evidence to justify their spying. He should be in prison in accordance with our laws.

How can we justify our massive spying apparatus if we know it’s being abused? How would Democrats feel if their candidates were monitored by the government and had their private information used against them?

Democrats need to be held accountable for their actions, and the rules need to be changed. This is counterintuitive to holding free and fair elections, and it must end at once.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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