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WATCH – Bill Clinton Caught CHECKING Out Ivanka… Then Hillary Catches HIM

Ivanka Trump looked elegant and classy today. The nation noticed, and so did Bill Clinton!

Unfortunately, for Bill, Hillary also noticed him checking Ivanka out, and it did not go over very well to say the least…

Hillary was already having a bad day, but after this, I would have to imagine it is one of the worst days of her life.

When she arrived at the inauguration, you could see that she was burning up inside.

This was supposed to be her day, but there walked Trump, making that famous walk with the outgoing president.

Then, she had to watch her sick, disgusting, pervert husband eyeballing the First Daughter, Ivanka, like she was a turkey on Thanksgiving Day.

There is no need to rehash all of Bill’s indiscretions individually because we all know how much of a scumbag the man is, but there is the need to be thankful that this monster was not allowed back into the White House.

One can only imagine the scandals that would have happened had Hillary won the election and allowed Bill back into his playpen. On the world’s biggest stage, he was still unable to control that wondering eye, so we know what would have happened behind closed doors.

His actions today are proof-positive that we avoided at least one scandal in the White House by electing Trump, and possibly dozens more. America won huge today!

Now, we have a First Daughter that exudes class—it is just a shame the husband of a presidential candidate and a former president himself could not manage to give her the respect she deserved on the biggest day of her life.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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