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WATCH – Bill O’Reilly Just Exposed The REAL Reason For The ‘Women’s March’ – Is He Right?

Many people view the Women’s March as a spontaneous uprising to support women’s rights that are “threatened” by Trump’s administration, but Bill O’Reilly exposed the truth!

This march was organized! And it was organized by people in the Obama administration as well as people from Hillary Clinton’s and Bernie Sanders’s campaigns that want Trump out of office! The billionaire tycoon George Soros was involved too!

Once again, these corrupt Democrats are trying to discredit President Donald Trump and make him into the devil incarnate. They are trying to rile up the American people into being against Trump, so they can be put back in power.

According to O’Reilly, Soros has ties to 50 of the groups that attended the Women’s March and gave over $90 million to these groups.

They claim to care about women’s rights, and that the people of America are trying to “raise their voices,” but this was nothing but a ploy to try to further ruin our new president in the eyes of the public.

But it was the public that voted him in, that made sure he would be elected over Soros’s corrupt puppet, Hillary Clinton. It was the mainstream media — funded and backed by these same corrupt Democrats — that tricked the people into believing these lies in the first place.

Even though the American people were successful in ousting the Democrats from power, they have their hooks deep in the American soil and in the hearts of liberals. Soros is once again trying to manipulate our country, and he needs to be stopped.

This march also attracted celebrities. What was a “women’s rights” march became a popularity contest. Let’s see how many celebrities we can get to support this so more people will come! I bet most people just wanted to be seen on TV with Madonna and Miley Cyrus rather than speak up about women’s issues.

Soros was allegedly behind the riots and protests when Trump was first named the president-elect — to try to dismantle him and “keep the peace.” However, it wasn’t successful, and this is simply the second attempt.

This march for women and their rights is another Trojan horse created by the Democrats, but they will once against be unsuccessful. The American people worked hard to put Donald Trump in the White House, and we won. No amount of uterus posters will make us change our minds about that.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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