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WATCH – Black Man UNLOADS On Race-Baiting Liberals, Over 1.6 MILLION Are Watching

This man is going to Facebook and speaking the truth during a time where there is only disturbing silence from his community.

“Situations like this is when you should rise up! Situations like this is when you should speak up!..But you sit back and say nothing,” the man said, calling on black leaders to talk about the incident where four black people kidnapped and tortured a white man with special needs.

He made the point that if the situation had been reversed, if it had been a black man who was tortured by four white individuals who filmed it live and laughed about it, then every voice in the liberal black community would be speaking up.

There would be riots in the streets, the NAACP would be causing a ruckus, and President Obama himself would have made a public statement droning on and on about racial equality and how it was somehow Donald Trump’s fault this happened.

However, because it happened to a white man and not a black man, the human rights activists are silent. The people who say they care about protecting all lives didn’t seem to acknowledge it happened. The liberals of this country are pretending they just haven’t noticed this despicable crime.

The mainstream media don’t care because he doesn’t help them spread the Black Lives Matter movement or the “importance” of gun control, so they shrug and move on.

This attack has caused even more tension in our country, as the people who are calling for the imprisonment and punishment of the black individuals are called racist by liberals. How they justify such a claim, I have no idea.

But true patriots like this man are speaking out against those who would overlook this attack. Torturing someone is wrong, regardless of race, religion, politics, anything! And the torture of a man with special needs is especially horrifying.

More people need to address this situation and call it what it is! It was a hate crime. The police and the media would have no reservations about using this term if the situation was reversed.

I respect this man for bravely stepping forward and challenging the status quo in our society. More people need to follow in his footsteps.

He presents a powerful message—that all lives matter regardless of skin color. All Americans need to hear this man today.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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