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WATCH – Black Trump Fan Exposes Muslim Crimes In THIS State

This black Trump supporter just witnessed a likely crime being committed that is also being committed by other Muslims throughout the country.

This patriotic American revealed that Michigan is loaded with Muslims committing welfare fraud…

And he’s right — many of these people own businesses and have fancy cars, yet they have food stamps from the government and nothing but ill will for this country.

This American has an old car and doesn’t get food stamps. He has to work for everything he has. The welfare recipients he just witnessed in a fancy car are probably committing welfare fraud, so, as a taxpayer, he is being taken advantage of.

Many Americans resent that there are refugees in this country who take all the government assistance and leave no room for Americans to receive it.

Not only do these people freeload off of Americans and this nation, but some fraction of them are planning dreadful crimes while liberals preach that we tolerate and accept them all. We opened our country to them, yet we are infidels and enemies in their eyes.

This man got emotional about defending America and supporting Trump. This is the other side of the fence that liberals need to see. This man stands for all the American people who are suffering because of the illegals and refugees in this country.

Liberals think we’re racist because we don’t want them here, but we are tired of our cries for help and aid being unheard. The American people are sick and tired of being taken advantage of, of having to deal with people who suck up all the resources this government has to offer and then hide away in a basement to flesh out their plans to destroy it.

Within the refugees who entered this country are radical terrorists, and too many have already inflicted violence on innocent Americans. This is why the American people support the ban Trump instilled in his executive order to protect this nation from improperly vetted migrants. Wake up, liberals — refugees like the ones this man witnessed do not have our best interests at heart.

I’m sure once the liberals see this video they will cry and complain about how hateful and awful it is, preaching on Facebook that it should be taken down. So, share the message while you still can because the American people deserve to see this.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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