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Watch This Blonde Bombshell EXPOSE 3 Liberal Lies About Dakota Pipeline ‘Protest’ **VIRAL VIDEO**

Conservative BOMBSHELL Tomi Lahren just nailed it yet again. The viral video star weighed in on the Dakota Access Pipeline protests. Lahren is from South Daoka and was FIRED UP about how dishonest the media coverage has been about the pipeline. (Watch Her Viral Video Below)

Protesters have been getting positive media attention as they attempt to “block” the construction of a pipeline due to environmental and water concerns.

Tomi Lehren pointed out 3 things the media won’t tell you about the Dakota Pipeline: 

1. It’s already 85% complete… It’s too late to stop it. 

2. The pipeline is will be much safer and cleaner than the trains

3. Pipeline sits 92 feet below the river bed. The water will not be impacted. 

Lahren also pointed out how many people with no knowledge of the issue are joining the protest because it’s the “cool” thing to do.

Here is a map of all the pipelines in the United States. THIS IS COMMON…



“The next time you hear about these ‘Noble Dakota Access Pipeline Protesters’ don’t waste your tears. they ravaging and marring an otherwise beautiful state over an issue they failed to address until it became socially popular”

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