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WATCH: After Castro’s Death Whoopi Makes A Fool Of Herself!

Fidel Castro’s death shocked many people across the globe on Friday. The leader and dictator passed away at the age of 90.

Although his views were communist and he caused a lot of terror and life loss,  Barack Obama decided to honor him and sent his condolences to his family. He also called his heir Raul Castro a “friend and partner.”

Obama’s words triggered bad reactions among people on social media, but actress and host Whoopi Goldberg did not hesitate to defend Obama on her ABC talk show The View, alongside her co-hosts.

Whoopi stated that she feels people are unfair when they say that Castro’s leadership was “bad.” She also expressed her liking of the communist leadership skills he offered. Plus, Joy Behar also supported Cuba as a country where the education and health are optimal (?) and claimed that she also shares communist views.

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Source: Worldpoliticus

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