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WATCH – CBS Reporter Exposes CNN’s Anti-Trump Lies on Live Broadcast!

Trump recently did his first news conference since the 2016 Presidential election, during which issues regarding lies from CNN and BuzzFeed came up.

In a new viral video, a CBS Reporter explains that a two page report provided to President Obama and members of Congress, contained allegations that the Russians attempted to influence Trump through blackmail, bribes, or that Trump assisted in efforts by Russia to hack the DNC. His response to them: “Not one sentence of one single claim has actually been proven true.”

The origin of this story goes back to a D.C. political research firm who hired a former British spy to dig up dirt on Donald Trump during the primaries. After the spy had done his investigation, he wrote a 35-page memo.

This memo was compiled into a two-page summary and put into a national security briefing for the members of Congress and the President. However, none of the claims in the report were verified by the CIA or the FBI.

“These memos had not been verified by anyone, including the FBI or the CIA and yet they were still included in a national security brief. It is unbelievable,” the CBS reporter claims.

One can’t over look the media’s involvement is this ridiculous rumor. Isn’t it incredibly ironic that the left is pushing the narrative that fake news had something to do with the 2016 election when they are the number one creator of fake news?

After the news conference where Trump called a CNN reporter “fake news,” he was criticized in the media for being “rude” to a reporter. This just goes to show that the media will lie through their teeth to attack conservatives every chance they get.

What is even scarier is how this 2-page report of unverified allegations was allowed to be given to Congressman in a formal security briefing! It is outrageous that Obama allowed his intelligence agencies to put out such garbage as if it was real intelligence.

This calls into question everything that Obama’s FBI and CIA has done for eight years. Moreover, these agencies are supposed to be a non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting this country, not political arms of the DNC.

Even the head of BuzzFeed admitted that there are serious reasons to doubt the allegations in the memos that they published. Well if there are serious doubts about it, why were the published at all? If they were published, why wasn’t it told to readers that these were baseless allegations?

It just goes to show that conservatives need to be vigilant because fake news has run rampant in our mainstream media. Insisting the media follow journalistic ethics is not an attack on the 1st Amendment or journalists. We simply have to stand up for the truth, like Trump.

Russia has no influence over Trump whatsoever, and if Trump allows Russia to think that they do it is a negotiation tactic to gain a strategic advantage over our cold war ally. I believe that it’s time to boycott CNN and BuzzFeed for putting out such dishonest garbage.

What do you think about this CBS Reporter calling out these liberal news organizations for publishing fake news?

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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