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WATCH: Clueless Bats on ‘The View’ Get SHUT DOWN After Shamelessly Slandering Trump

Whoopi Goldberg and her fellow liberal hosts of ABC’s “The View” love repeatedly bashing President Donald Trump every morning. On Tuesday, however, conservative cohost Jedediah Bila stepped in to silence Whoopi and her friends after their attacks on Trump went too far.

Independent Journal Review reported that the segment in question was about whether Trump can share information with “allies” in regards to counter-terrorism, even if it’s Russia.

“What is the real issue here?” Whoopi asked.

“That Russia doesn’t have to work so hard to discover anything, we’ll just tell ’em. They used to have to hack us,” Sara Haines responded.

“I don’t think that the people who created our government expected to have a BLABBERMOUTH in The White House,” Joy Behar added. “It’s like Ralph Kramden, you know, ‘you’re a BLABBERMOUTH’. So they expected the president to have the wherewithal to not say something like that to the so-called enemy — certainly, rivals.”

At that point, Bila had enough.

“His justification for this is that we are partners with Russia on the issue of combating ISIS […] on this particular issue of combating terrorism,” she said. “The reason Russia’s complicated is because, as we know, Russia is fueling Assad […] So my question was not whether or not he has the right to share this classified information, he’s president, and what you said before is correct, he has the right to declassify [this information] and at-will share it. My concern is: ‘Do you trust Russia with that information?’”


This comes weeks after Whoopi claimed that she is more qualified to be president than Trump and that people are begging her to run for the position.

“Here’s the difference,” Whoopi said of her and Trump. “When I speak, at least you know that I’ve actually looked stuff up, so people think that I might be more aware. People know that I’ve had a wide variety of lives, so they think I might know some stuff.”

“But when you have someone who doesn’t seem to do the homework, who doesn’t seem to have any idea how things actually run — when you bring up Hillary, I can only think to myself she may not have been the best candidate for people, but I know she knew what she was doing,” she added.

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