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WATCH: Critics Bash ‘Homophobe’ Mike Pence For ‘Uncomfortable’ Behavior Swearing In Bisexual Senator. Nope.

Leftist critics, eager to paint Mike Pence as a homophobe, mocked the Vice President for his alleged “uncomfortable” behavior while swearing in openly bisexual Senator Kyrsten Sinema (D- AZ) on a law book, as opposed to the typically used Bible.

“Homophobe Mike Pence had to swear in Kyrsten Sinema, the first out bisexual Senator in history, on a law book and not a bible. He seems uncomfortable and she’s having fun with it,” wrote anti-Trump critic and FanSided founder Adam Best in a tweet on Thursday. “This is everything.”

The tweet blew up, gaining over 15,000 re-tweets and nearly 64,000 likes by Friday morning.

But the video of Pence and Sinema tells a different story. Though it’s an admittedly objective term, there are no noticeable indications that the Vice President was “uncomfortable” at all. Instead, Pence welcomes Sinema when she walks up to be sworn in. “Congratulations,” he tells the senator. “It’s my great honor.”

Yeah, a real homophobe.

Pence goes on to laugh at Sinema’s joke about snagging a “spouse” before she’s sworn in and directs the 42-year-old on how to stand at an angle so she gets primo shots from the cameras. “You might wanna rotate your right shoulder out a little bit,” he advises. “See,” says Sinema pointing at Pence, “he’s giving me tips, here. I’m new at this.”

Again, can’t you just feel the homophobia and discomfort?

“Congratulations to you,” Pence tells Sinema after swearing her in. “I look forward to working with you.”

Bigotry. Overload.

Aside from the massive amount of likes, agreeable comments, and re-tweets from the folks on the Left who are apparently too blinded by their loathing for Pence, politicos and other commenters ripped Best for the “nothingburger” tweet:

Best later acknowledged the criticism of his tweet, and attempted to shift the narrative by deeming Pence perpetually “weird.”

“Seems like some people disagree about Pence being weird,” he wrote. “But here’s the thing — he’s ALWAYS weird. He’s weird in interviews, he was weird in that meeting with ‘Chuck and Nancy,’ and he was weird here as well. So…”

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