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WATCH: Diamond and Silk Go Live On Fox With Shock Message For Congress

Legendary vlog personalities Diamond and Silk made waves on Fox News Friday. They appeared on multiple shows, starting with Fox and Friends. Their message is unforgettable.

Diamond stated: “People are hurting…People have a card and no care.” In other words, people have health insurance, but they are not getting any real health care. Now, people are forced to wait longer to see a doctor because there are not enough of them in the field. It also leads to higher deductibles, resulting in people not being able to afford to go to the doctor, which is quite ironic.

he North Carolina-born sisters were both avid Obama supporters until he proved that he was uninterested in helping the American people grow and thrive. During this election cycle, they decided to support Trump as a candidate because he had a strong message for the forgotten Americans in this country — and there are quite a few.

We, the people, needed someone who was going to look out for our best interests, and not the interests of the government. Diamond and Silk both confirmed that, since President Trump made it into the Oval Office, he managed to do a fantastic job despite blowback from the media and the incompetence of Congress.

Diamond confirmed: “They’re working for their own greed.” Which is a valid point, particularly when you look at people like John McCain. McCain went against President Trump, even though he said (for years) Obamacare was awful.

It seems like the vote against repeal was just McCain’s way of throwing a wrench in the gears. President Trump said something disparaging about him two years ago. McCain should have voted in the interest of the American people, not his own personal grudges.

The dynamic duo also appeared on Hannity, where they elaborated on their opinions. Diamond said, “To all of these politicians that voted no to repeal and replace: maybe it’s time for the American people to repeal and replace you.” If Congress won’t allow President Trump to do his job, it becomes our job to make sure the right people are surrounding Trump.

Silk thinks that President Trump is “doing a phenomenal job,” despite Congress opposing his ideas. You have to admit — it’d be challenging to get anything done when everyone is against you. Diamond and Silk slammed the so-called “media bias, political babble, and repetitive political tactics that they feel the average American is tired of being subjected to.”

In other words, we deserve to have the country politicians promise us every time they go up for election. President Trump has proven on multiple occasions that he intends to fulfill his promises to the American People.

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