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WATCH: Donald Trump Releases Short Video and Asks EVERYONE to Watch It

Trump captured the heart of disgruntled Americans and won the presidential election and now he is about to capture the hearts of everyone else in this country.

This has been an epic week for the president and after what may have been one of the greatest speeches EVER given before a joint session, Trump has released a powerful and patriotic message to rally our country to achieve the greatness we all deserve…

Trump has been compared to former President Ronald Reagan before, for a variety of reasons, and the similarities came through loud and clear during his first joint address to Congress. Both presidents were political outsiders, plain spoken, brutally honest, extremely patriotic, and ALWAYS put America first!

Former President Barack Obama tore this country apart for eight years. We were nearing the verge of a second Civil War before he left office.

President Trump has already begun to take bold steps to bring us all back together, to prosper as one people. It is going to take longer than his first 100 days to get the job done, but we are finally back on the right track.

The Democrat Party is in a shambles. They learned absolutely nothing from the 2016 presidential election.

Obama loyalists who are still inside the Trump administration, thanks to Democrat feet-dragging on his nominees, are vehemently trying to take him down. They will not succeed, but their antics, and possibly illegal actions, are giving their television pundits pals plenty of fodder to discuss while raging against OUR president.

Political correctness has almost destroyed our country. Career politicians on both sides of the aisle were too afraid to do what was necessary to protect this once great nation from Obama’s socialist policies.

The Constitution is not an antiquated old rag which can be discarded at will. Wiping your feet with the founding principles is not acceptable and will not be tolerated during the Trump Administration.

This president will adhere to the Founding Fathers plan for our nation. ALL laws will be enforced.

A safe country has established borders and communities where residents live free from fear. Every single member of Congress should be able to agree on this and work with the president to achieve such a common and worthy goal.

Partisanship should never be placed above country. That was the crux of President Trump’s speech. We are all in this together. Only by working together will be ever able to achieve greatness again.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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