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WATCH – Elizabeth Warren Tries to STOP Ben Carson’s Nomination, So He Exposes Her On Live TV

Elizabeth Warren was trying to trip up Dr. Ben Carson, questioning his ability to be the head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under Donald Trump.

She asked to be assured that no tax dollar will personally benefit Donald Trump and his family, and Carson responded by saying, “It will not be my intention to benefit any [specific] American. It’s for all Americans, everything that we do.”

Carson exposed Warren for the crank she really is, saying that he won’t stop something that could benefit all Americans, and that is his only focus.

She was trying to “highlight the absurdity” of Donald Trump still holding business interests as the president-elect.

Warren is often times called Pocahontas because of the allegations that she falsely claimed to be Native American in order to get into Harvard Business School.

Warren and the rest of the liberals have their panties in a twist because of Donald Trump’s decision not to sell his businesses or put them in a blind trust. So, they are trying to nail him to the wall with his Cabinet picks, but it’s not going to work against Ben Carson.

Dr. Carson merely stated that he would manage things that would help and benefit all of the American people and use common sense and reason to do so when making these types of decisions, which may sound weird to Democrats, who don’t use common sense for anything.

Back during the election, Donald Trump’s nickname for her was “Goofy Elizabeth Warren.” It seems that, now that her side has lost, goofy Warren has a chip on her shoulder.

Ben Carson is a great choice for Housing and Urban Development though it was surprising to say the least that an accomplished neurosurgeon would be in HUD and not on the health side of things in Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

HUD funds housing developments as well as neighborhood projects in America. It gives money to organizations for housing and makes policies for public housing that will affect the health of the residents and the rest of the communities. So, it sort of make sense.

The Democrats need to get off of President-elect Donald Trump’s back as well as his forming Cabinet and let them start to do their jobs. Trump elected these officials for a reason, and he knows that with this team by his side, the dream to improve America will be realized.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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