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WATCH – Eric And Lara Trump Just Confirmed Their GAME-CHANGING Move, People Are Crying

With Donald Trump’s election, the eyes of the public are on his children to see what kind of people they are and what their connection will be with the administration. Recently, one of Trump’s sons just took action that showed the public just who he and his family are.

Eric and Lara Trump just donated $20 million to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital to help take care of children with rare and difficult diseases.

In a video, Eric said he was stunned when he had a chance to visit the hospital and see the energy in the eyes of the doctors at St. Jude’s. Eric said he was “proud” to be part of such an endeavor.

St. Jude is one of the highest rated charities around, doing work for so many people who could have lost their kids had it not been for this institution. “A national treasure in Memphis,” as Eric Trump described it.

St. Jude is a nonprofit that depends on donations in order to pay doctors and nurses, buy medical equipment, and perform research of difficult diseases.

With such a sizable donation of $20 million from Eric and Lara Trump, think of how many lives could be saved and how many families could be made whole thanks to the actions of the Trump family.

The media so often try to paint the Trump family as wealthy and out of touch, but this just goes to show that this is a family that wants to actually bring change into this world, not take from it.

Eric said he wants to put money into the hands of those with the ideas and the means to “solve pediatric cancer” so that a cure can be found for the many child patients who unfortunately must endure these cancers.

He acknowledged how blessed his and other families are to have their health and to have children without serious illnesses. That is why it is so important to donate to organizations that address and struggle with these serious issues. Eric Trump made it clear that he and his family believe in equal opportunity and giving to those who were unlucky in their circumstances and their health.

Every time a child enters St. Jude, they do not go alone. It is the entire family who become patients there, and the staff is able to treat them and help them deal with their child’s illness.

If this is any sign of what Donald Trump’s children will be doing when he is president, I think we can look forward to positive community involvement in nonprofits and businesses that help people who are less fortunate than them.

This also serves to show that Donald Trump was a great father because he raised children to be not rich snobs but people who really care about others more than they care about themselves. If Trump can do such a good job as a father, we should be excited for what he can do for others as president.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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