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WATCH – Ex-Black Panther Exposes DAMNING Truth About John Lewis

John Lewis has been portrayed as a hero by the Democrats but after his attack on Trump, more and more people ‘in the know’ are exposing the truth! When a former Black Panther comes out against a Civil Rights activist, you know it is NOT going to be good.

Mason Weaver detailed how Lewis and other activists crossed the Pettus bridge, and they were attacked, saying, “After they beat his behind on that bridge…he got up and joined them,” Weaver stated on Fox News. “He joined the oppressors and became a stooge for them.”

This is an especially heavy hitting quote because it was the Democrats who attack activists like Lewis, Weaver, and many others. It was the Democrats who did not want the Civil Rights movement to be successful, and Lewis personally witnessed this abuse.

And that’s why Weaver is calling him a “turncoat” and a man who has “collaborated with the Democrat Party to oppress black America.”

Many people question why many black people are Democrats when it’s the same party that was against them and their basic rights. According to Weaver, the Democrat party is the “party of the Klan” as well as the “party that went to war to keep slaves.”

He even described districts with black Democrats in charge as basically ghettos while the school systems and communities suffer. They have become mere factories for drugs and criminals when they could be so much more.

And yet the Democrat party points to Republicans and says we’re the racist ones, but a quick look in the history books proves otherwise. Lewis and others like him—Cory Booker for instance—are destroying the lives of black Americans while claiming to protect them.

That’s why Sen. Jeff Sessions will still probably end up being the attorney general because the people who spoke against him were nothing but turncoats to the ideals they claim to have. Lewis switched to the side of the oppressors and now falsely points the finger to the other side of the line.

Sessions, on the other hand, worked to desegregate Alabama and worked for the justice of every man, woman, and child in his state regardless of skin color. The black community knows this and has seen it, yet representatives like Lewis turn against Sessions and distract from their own failures.

It was Lewis who revisited that bridge with Sessions and linked arms with him as they crossed. It marked an era where the endowed rights of all people of this country were recognized, and now Lewis is throwing it into the mud.

Lewis has become a pawn of the very same party that sought to keep the black America down, the same party that spawned the KKK and the Jim Crow laws that were a way of life for so many people who lived in fear.

Lewis is a turncoat who will never be known as anything else by the people not kept ignorant by the mainstream media. People need to heed Weaver’s words.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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