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WATCH: Feminist Promotes, Brags About Abortion To CHILDREN In Shocking Video

A jarring eight-minute video from Cut’s HiHo brand released on Friday features feminist and “Shout Your Abortion” movement founder Amelia Bonow promoting abortion to children. The segment is predictably filled with anti-science and pro-abortion talking points and includes Bonow bragging about her own abortion to the young boys and girls.

Notably, Bonow tells the children that an abortion procedure “sucks out the pregnancy,” comparing its seriousness to that of a dentist appointment. She also frames the murder of the unborn in religious terms, calling it part of “God’s plan.”

The video, which has racked up nearly 780,000 views as of Monday morning, has been thoroughly ripped apart by viewers as “propaganda” and blatant “indoctrination” of our youth with scientific fallacies.

“You go to the doctor, and they put this little straw inside of your cervix, and then inside of your uterus, and then they just suck the pregnancy out,” Bonow tells two young girls. “And it was like a crappy dentist appointment or something. It was just like, ‘This is a body thing that’s kind of uncomfortable,’ but then it was over, and I felt really just grateful that I wasn’t pregnant anymore.”

After being asked about the circumstances of her pregnancy, Bonow says her partner didn’t wear a condom and they took “a short cut.” Bonow says she immediately wanted an abortion the moment she found out she was pregnant; both she and her partner were “bummed” when she got pregnant, she recalls.

A young boy who did a school project on why abortion is “okay” tells Bonow that there are circumstances where abortion would not be okay. Bonow does her best to sway him against this view.

“I want to say if, like, you are being reckless, if there’s nothing wrong going on” then abortion wouldn’t be okay, says the boy.

“Do we want people to just have all those babies?” rebuts Bonow.

“No,” he responds.

“So what do we do with them?” the feminist asks.

“Put them up for adoption,” the child logically replies.

Bonow then rambles into the hot abortion talking point that she shouldn’t be “forced to create life.”

“I feel like if I am forced to create life, I have lost the right to my own life,” she says. “I should be the one to decide if my body creates a life. Even if you give a kid up for adoption, you still like have a kid out there somewhere.”

“Yeah,” the boy reluctantly agrees with Bonow.

Bonow asks the same boy what he thinks God thinks about abortion.

“If I were to say … I think He’s fine with it because there are still babies being born,” he answers. “What do you think God thinks about abortion?”

“I think it’s all part of God’s plan,” Bonow answers.

“I believe, like, that life begins when a person has a baby,” Bonow tells the children. “Cleary, like, some people believe that life begins at conception.”

A girl tells the feminist that an unborn “fetus” is “not really a human being yet.” Bonow agrees enthusiastically.

“I kind of like to compare it to a sea cucumber. It’s not thinking; it’s just living. It’s like, your arm is not capable of complex thought. Neither is a baby inside your womb,” says one boy.

“I’ve told so many people about my abortion,” brags Bonow, mentioning that she “shouted her abortion” because she was unsatisfied with the pro-choice movement. They weren’t extreme enough, apparently.

She later tells the kids that she’s been attacked by people in the pro-life movement, but stresses that the term “pro-life” is “propaganda.”

“I don’t call them pro-life; I call the anti-choice, because who would disagree with that statement? Being pro-life? … To me, the phrase ‘pro-life’ is propaganda, because often the people that say that don’t want to take care of people who have babies that they can’t afford and then are totally poor. … They want to deprive people access to healthcare,” she says.

“You guys aren’t pro-life. I’m pro-life,” she insists.

Bonow ends the video by showing off her tattoo inside her bottom lip, which says “abortion.”


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Posted by Kids Meet on Thursday, December 27, 2018

Partial transcript provided via Christian News

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