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WATCH – Fiery California Town Hall SHATTERS Media’s Anti-Trump Immigration Lie

In a small town of Cudahy, nearby Los Angeles, a Town Hall meeting utterly destroyed the media’s narrative about illegal immigration, and its all thanks to a dedicated Trump fan.

“I’m a hardcore American patriot and a hardcore President Trump supporter,” he stated, proving some Trump supporters are Hispanics, and legal immigrants. “My mother came here legally. She had dignity, she had ethics, she had morals, and she didn’t want to come and disrespect this country.”

As much as the media likes to report that it’s just the “racist white people” that are opposed to the sanctuary cities and the illegal immigrants being here, it’s not. There are Blacks, Latinos, Asians, many difference migrants who they themselves came to this country – but they did so legally.

Why? Because they respected this nation and its laws, they wanted to be a part of it and not take advantage of the American people. These people had honor, these people had something that politicians, those in the media, and liberals don’t have these days: integrity.

These people coming forward to speak for Donald Trump and his Presidency are also threatening the career politician’s positions. If the Democrats, and some wayward Republicans, don’t start listening to We the People, they are not going to be politicians anymore.

Now that the Silent Majority has begun to speak, we aren’t about to stop. We hit the ballot box harder than any outspoken Liberal, and our victory with Donald Trump is only the beginning.

Listen career politicians, we are tired of illegal immigrants taking advantage of all that makes this country great. The liberals may be determined to empty out our nations pockets for criminals, but we will not.

You only belong in America if you legally migrate to this country, or are born here, otherwise you are just a visitor, and the illegals have overstayed their welcome. As this Latino man said, this is our house, and we’re tired of the illegals mooching off of our groceries, our tax dollars, and our nice things.

The American people work hard to provide what they can for themselves and their families, to better their own lives. We have room in this country for the hardworking, who have respect for our law and our culture, but that’s it.

These Trump supporters, of all colors and shades, are uniting under the American flag and saying, “I’m am an American, and I have a problem with this.”

Sorry Vice Mayor Christian Hernandez, but it’s not just “white supremacists” who are Trump supporters. It’s many Americans from many different backgrounds, and we support Trump and his changes.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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