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WATCH – Fox News Journalist Admits It: ‘Trump Is The Most Popular…’

Chris Wallace has a wealth of experience when it comes to covering the transition from one president to another. This man has covered the transitions since Ronald Reagan!

According to Wallace, Donald Trump has become the most popular president-elect in the history of this country. It probably has something to do with the fact that Trump has set about doing the job of a U.S. president even before he has taken office.

It starts with a man who is willing to discuss his policies regarding China, job creation, economic stimulus, and the environment. It ends with the fact that people have continually found out that the incoming president is a man of his word, and they are listening to him as a result.

Of course, Wallace’s analysis will not be without controversy, especially with liberals. Not only does he believe Trump is the most popular president-elect in history, but he also believes Donald Trump is more our president right now than Obama is!

While liberals might disagree, conservatives will concur. Indeed, the Twitter universe was buzzing with activity from Chris Wallace’s comments.

One individual wrote that “Obama should vacate the premises early so that we can get s**t done.” This is definitely a common sentiment from many. There have been a number of former supporters of President Obama who quickly realized the man just wasn’t up to the job.

Another person even echoed that sentiment by saying that not only is Donald Trump more of a president than Barack Obama, but he has even overshadowed the president when you consider all eight years of Obama’s time in office!

Finally, one other response was even more telling: “The only thing I want to hear out of Obama is goodbye.” And 63 million people were in stark agreement with this. Why is Donald Trump so popular? It would appear that it has a lot to do with the lack of Obama’s popularity. Although the liberals love to point out Obama’s approval ratings, who can believe those after our election polls were proven wrong?

It seems apparent that Americans are ready for a president who puts this country first. They are ready for a president who is not an out-of-touch liberal and a borderline Marxist.

They are ready for a president who will tell us the truth and leave the politically correct nonsense in the dumpster. It is refreshing to see that many still believe in the special nature of our country, and that is part of the reason why Donald Trump is so popular.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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