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WATCH – ‘God Bless Trump and The USA!’ – Musical Tribute to Trump Released and It’s AWESOME

“God Bless the USA” is one of the most patriotic songs of all time and warms the soul of anyone who listens to it.

This video, set to Lee Greenwood’s incredible song, shows how much the American people believe in Donald Trump, especially after the last eight years, which were full of disappointments.

When people waiting in line on election day cast their votes for Donald Trump, they were sure that Clinton’s victory was imminent.

It was like a cry of Armageddon, the mainstream media and the Democrats saying that Hillary Clinton’s victory was a sure-fire thing. It was going to happen, but people still voted for Donald Trump whilst believing this information.

But then, beyond anyone’s expectations, Donald Trump turned blue states red, and got more votes than anyone thought he would. And he won over the Democrats, despite all of their means of illicit voting and propaganda.

Even though Obama and his wife, Michelle, basically threatened Black Americans to vote for Hillary because the people “owed” them, they lost. Despite Hillary’s main argument of, “I’m a woman, it’s my turn,” which, for some reason, seemed to resonate with the liberals of this country, she lost.

The American people rallied and voted for Trump, and it turns out that we do have elections that are free and fair enough to still respond to the wants of the people.

The American people also liked the platforms that Donald Trump had in the election, with his no-nonsense attitude. He didn’t try to woo the people or make them believe any false narratives, he told them exactly what he planned to do.

And so far, he’s followed through with his promises. Already, he has saved Americans jobs with Carrier, and cut the costs of Air Force One so it wasn’t such a heavy burden for the taxpayers of this country. He doesn’t want to break the bank of Americans.

Obama, on the other hand, took many vacations at the expense of taxpayers, he created Obamacare which took a huge chunk of our money. He also increased our national debt, and didn’t mind that thousands of illegals were in this country. Instead he shoved in Muslim immigrants to join them.

Donald Trump, unlike Obama, cares about the American people. And this video is a testament to that, he is going to be making America Great Again.

And it’s about time, because we have had enough of being second class citizens in our own country. It’s time for our President to put the American people first.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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