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WATCH: Hannity Rips Head Off Famous Liberal Who Called Him “Bad for America”

It is amazing how many people in this country are so un-patriotic and hate to see Americans being proud of our nation. Hannity has no tolerance for those people!

Ted Koppel slammed Hannity and literally told him he was bad for America, but Hannity got the chance to fire back on his own show, and even accused Koppel of releasing “edited fake news” to make conservatives like himself, who run “opinion” shows, look bad.

Sean Hannity is not a man who will sit there and take a beating without striking back, and that is exactly what he did. Viewers quickly saw that Hannity is not to somebody to mess with or make false accusations about.

All Hannity has been doing is giving the American people his conservative opinion what is going on in Washington, D.C.

He gives us the news that liberal mainstream media outlets like Koppel’s are too afraid to report on or too biased to even consider. This is why the honesty of Sean Hannity has been such a relief in a time when the leftists are spewing fake news 24/7.

There is no denying that many of the shows on liberal media platforms are slanted and can be dubbed fake news. They edit clips and take people’s comments out of context, which is a despicable degradation of journalism, profession meant to be an ally to the American people, not an obstacle to the truth.

Thankfully, many liberals are waking up to this, and they are starting to get their news from trusted sources like Sean Hannity. He is somebody who cannot be bought or persuaded to speak against his principles, which is exactly what we need.

This is what our country was built on: having the freedom of speech and expression. Now, there is a president in place who is also not afraid to speak his mind and do what is necessary.

This country will be made great again as people wake up to the false narrative being spouted by the left. They will quickly realize that they have been fooled for years, and they will come over to the right side—or at least learn the value of working together despite opposing viewpoints.

It is no surprise that the Democrats had such a disastrous election season and that their party is in ruins. When you have Hillary Clinton as your presidential nominee and a deranged liberal in the form of Nancy Pelosi as one of the key figureheads of your party, you are really grasping at straws.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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