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WATCH – Harvard Law Professor GOES OFF on Obama’s Treason, IT’S ALREADY VIRAL!

Alan Dershowitz is a known Democrat and a famed attorney, but even he has had enough of President Obama- especially with this recent betrayal of Israel.

“He will go down in history as one of the worst foreign policy presidents ever,” Dershowitz stated on Fox and Friends on Monday.

Many Americans never saw this coming. Many Jewish people who are Americans believed Obama and voted for him. But, against his promise, Obama abandoned the Jewish country of Israel.

And so, people of Jewish descent, like Dershowitz, are stunned that Obama would do this. Especially since Obama asked to see Dershowitz in person and asked for his support, claiming that he “would always have Israel’s back.”

He stabbed them in the back, much like Marcus Brutus stabbed Julius Caesar, a friend until the end. This further proves that Obama doesn’t care about helping anyone unless they’re Muslim.

Obama cannot feign ignorance of the fallout from his decision, because he studied law at Harvard! He can’t just shrug this off and pretend he made a mistake, he knew exactly what he was doing. And he may have been scheming this for quite a while.

Thanks to Obama, terrorist attacks are happening more and more often. Also thanks to Obama, the American people can’t name the problem because that would make us “racist” and “Islamophobic.” Liberals are even staging hate crimes against American people, and somehow Conservatives are still the divisive ones.

And yet, in the aftermath of terrorist attacks, rather than vow to put an end to it, Obama’s administration threatens the American people and vows to punish those who take out their anger on the Muslim people.

Obama is also doing his best to tie the hands of President-elect Donald Trump as well. He has left a huge mess of a relationship between America and Israel that Trump will now have to untangle.

President Obama will pretend he was trying to make peace for the region, but by stabbing Israel in the back, he has made peace harder to achieve. And Democrats say Republicans are the hateful ones? Well, what do you call this?

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