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WATCH – Hillary RETURNS, Immediately Issues NASTY Threat to Trump Voters

As the Democrat party prepared to elect its next DNC chair, Hillary crawled out from under her rock to deliver a message, one none of us wanted to hear.

Hillary issued a video message to her horde, winding it up with, “Keep fighting and keep the faith. And I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.” Is it me, or does it sound like Hillary is already winding it up for yet another run at the White House?

There are so many things wrong with her speech, I almost don’t know where to begin!

I would have hoped there would have been some mention to try to calm things down, but Hillary seemed to beam like a proud momma when she spoke of the “protests” around the country.

This was not a speech for the people of America, it was an arrogant platform to feed her hubris and it was loaded with hypocrisy.

America is a safer place without the Clintons involved, and it surely is a more honest country and government. Democrats set us back decades and we are finally making dramatic steps to fix this country and move forward for the first time in decades.

Somehow, Hillary thinks the people of this country want her back, but I think the sheer amount of Democrat seats lost in the Senate and Congress prove that even her own party is looking for change.

Personally, I am fearful for what Democrats have in mind in the future. Will they allow someone like Hillary to dip her toes in the water again or will they choose someone even more radical and dangerous, like Keith Ellison, to lead the way?

Either way, what I had hoped would wake up the party seems to have made them go down an even more dangerous path, willing to go ever further left to take back the seats they have lost.

On one hand, I have faith REAL Americans will see what they are up to and not allow them to succeed. But on the other hand, I am worried about the damage they will do to our country in the process.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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