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WATCH: Hillary Shows Up For Trump’s Inauguration, Immediately Regrets It After THIS Happens

Vanquished Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was the focus of media scrutiny as she and former President Bill Clinton arrived at the inauguration of the man who defeated her, President Donald Trump.

“Madame secretary! How does it feel to be here today?” Jeff Zelly of CNN shouted at the former secretary of state upon her arrival.

“How are you feeling, Madame secretary?” another reporter asked.

The questions brought what sounded like off-camera laughter from the CNN crew covering the event before one off-camera voice commented, “Probably want to come up with a different opener.”

CNN then moved to another image.

Clinton was the focus of media eyes during the ceremony.

In its coverage of the event, Britain’s The Daily Mail dubbed the former president and his wife “Glum and glummer” and noted that Hillary Clinton’s face “told the story of how she felt.”

The Mirror called her expression “a thunderous scowl.”

The New Your Daily News  noted Clinton arrived “with a white suit and a dark look on her face.”

Twitter also was keeping its eye on Clinton.

Although Clinton smiled politely during the ceremony, one of the few times a look of animation came to her face took pace as she greeted Michelle Obama.

Although the Clintons attended, they were not among the dignitaries with whom President Trump shook hands when he arrived on the platform where the inauguration ceremony took place.

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