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WATCH How Crowd Responds When Trump Announced At World Series Game In D.C.

;President Trump attended Game 5 of the World Series contest between the Washington Nationals and the Houston Astros Sunday night. As a series of videos posted online show, while the polarizing leader was greeted with some applause and whistles, loud boos and chants of “Lock him up!” drowned out those glad to see the president after the big announcement earlier Sunday that ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi had been killed in a U.S. raid.

As reported by the Associated Press, the fans packed into Nationals Park erupted when Trump, who was there with five wounded veterans, was first shown on the in-stadium video screen following the third inning.

Fans’ strong applause during a salute to veterans was suddenly interrupted by deafening, sustained boos — though some continued to applaud and whistle — which only subsided when the screen cut to the wounded veterans.

“Trump appeared to receive some applause, some boos when announced during Salute to Trips, then troops received applause followed by intense boos when they showed POTUS on screen,” tweeted CNN’s Noah Gray. “Some in the crowd chanted ‘lock him up’ after.”

Fox News also posted some footage of the notable moment:

NBC News’ producer and reporter Alex Moe also posted footage on social media that has made the rounds online:

As reported by Mediaite, the “Lock him up!” chants began when Nationals starter Joe Ross took the mound to warm up.

The chant is a reversal of one that frequently got going at Trump rallies in 2016 in reference to Hillary Clinton and the investigation into her use of an unauthorized and unsecured private email server while serving as Secretary of State.

Trump, of course, is now the subject of an impeachment inquiry by House Democrats as a result of his request of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to “look into” alleged corruption involving former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden.

Despite the home field advantage, the Nationals ended up losing the game Sunday, putting them behind 2-3 to the Astros, who have gone on a hitting spree since losing the first two games in Houston. Game 6 will be held in Houston Monday night.

Though Trump’s appearance at the game followed his big announcement on Sunday that U.S. Special Forces had successfully infiltrated the compound of terrorist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the president’s attendance of the game had been planned for days.

When Trump first discussed attending the game on Thursday, he made clear that he wouldn’t be throwing the first pitch, saying he would have to be dressed up in “a lot of heavy armor” if he did.

“They’re going to have to dress me up in a lot of heavy armor,” he told reporters, adding, “I’ll look too heavy. I don’t like that.”

Sunday morning, Trump announced the death of Baghdadi as a result of an operation authorized by him a week ago and carried out Saturday by U.S. special forces. After retreating into a dead-end tunnel, the terrorist leader killed himself and some of his children by detonating a suicide vest.

“Last night, the United States brought the world’s number one terrorist leader to justice: Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is dead,” Trump announced Sunday. “Last night was a great night for the U.S. and the world. A brutal killer, one who has caused so much hardship and death, has violently been eliminated. He will never again harm an innocent man, woman or child.”

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