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WATCH: Illegal Alien Accused Of Child Sex Abuse Getting Cancer Treatment On Taxpayer Tab

On Wednesday, MRCTV uploaded a new video in which Brittany Hughes talks about Gerardo Valerio-Romero, an illegal alien who has been charged with the sexual abuse of his 8-year-old stepdaughter, and is receiving cancer treatments using taxpayer money:

An illegal alien from Mexico charged with sexually abusing an 8-year-old girl has racked up nearly a million dollars in medical bills courtesy of the American taxpayer. And since the big networks won’t tell you about this, we will.

After her introduction, Hughes gets right down to it:

49-year-old Gerardo Valerio-Romero’s tab for cancer treatment has all but bankrupted the local jail in a Utah county, where he’s been charged with six counts of sexually assaulting his own 8-year-old stepdaughter, along with eight felony counts of forgery and one count of illegally possessing someone else’s ID.

Valerio-Romero was arrested back in March of last year, but his trial has already been postponed twice. … In the meantime, he’s managed to cost the county nearly a million bucks in cancer treatments – and that’s even after the hospital agreed to discounts.

The Washington Post reports that Valerio-Romero’s cancer treatments have completely drained the county jail’s entire medical budget, which was only about a half a million to begin with. This problem has gotten so bad in fact that Sheriff Jim Tracy announced he is resigning effective August 3, largely thanks to budgetary stress stemming from having to fork over this guy’s medical costs and figuring out which governmental body bears responsibility for paying it.

The County Commission is actually scrambling to shift tax dollars around from other public services so that they can cover this one inmate’s mounting expenses despite the fact that he shouldn’t even be here in the first place.

Hughes then answers the question that any average reader might be asking — why doesn’t the government just deport him?

Now, you might be asking why authorities don’t just release this guy and boot him back to Mexico. Well, they would, except the sheriff’s office said that they’re afraid to drop the charges and let him go because they aren’t convinced that he’ll actually get deported, and even if he does, that he won’t just come right back. And isn’t that just a little sad?

She concludes by laying out the cost of all illegal aliens in federal prisons:

Now, keep in mind that this is just one illegal inmate in a sea of similar stories across the entire country. The DOJ estimates illegal aliens make up roughly 28% of some a 184,000 total federal inmates. That’s about 51,000 individuals. According to the Federal Register, each of those prisoners costs an average of $32,000 a year, meaning that illegal alien felons alone cost American taxpayers about $1.6 billion annually – and this doesn’t even begin to count those being held in state prisons and local jails like Valerio-Romero.

But, of course, leave it to the poor folks in Utah to pick up the tap for a serial child molester’s chemo because leftist policies have allowed creeps like this to live illegally in the U.S., assault little kids, and then get free government health care.

After all, what are Americans if not the rest of the world’s pocket book?

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