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WATCH – Irish Leader Calls Obama Out as a ‘War Criminal and Hypocrite’

Obama has made his fair share of enemies within our country. Apparently, he has also made some enemies overseas including those who tell the blunt, unvarnished truth.

Irish Parliament member Clare Daly said that not only was President Obama a “war criminal and hypocrite,” but he was going after the “Hypocrite of the Century” award. Those are some pretty harsh words, but Daly has the facts to back them up.

First of all, Daly said she is disgusted by how the American media fawn over the Obamas and cover their vacations. She seemed disgusted that our media give the Obamas the Kennedy treatment even though the Obamas have not even come close to deserving it.

Barack Obama’s decision to supply arms to the Syrian opposition came under some serious scrutiny by this individual, and she said that act alone is what makes him not just a poor president but a war criminal.

The Syrian opposition includes Jihadist individuals who care nothing about the region and only want to see it continue to destabilize. By arming the Syrian rebels, he is essentially committing a war crime and setting the stage for a future terrorist attack in the United States. Daly was also furious with Obama for his frequent use of attack drones. She said this had led to millions of innocent women and children being killed.

Clare Daly did not stop there, however. She compared America to a pimp and the rest of the Irish parliament reacted to howls of disapproval. Interestingly enough, this Irish politician isn’t the only one who feels that Obama has simply been awful as president.

Some time ago, there was another viral video of a British politician who was speaking out against President Obama’s ultra-liberal policies. Frankly, it is good to see that it is not just American conservatives who have enough common sense to realize this man has been a disaster.

Fortunately for us, Obama has less than two weeks left in his term. President Trump is going to work tirelessly to undo some of these disastrous policies this man has tried to put into place. I can’t wait.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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