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WATCH – ISIS-Loving Muslim Threatens And Spits On Cops, Gets Taken Down TEXAS STYLE

Liberals are so busy preaching their anti-cop narrative they fail to appreciate what these men and women go through every day, but some witnesses got a firsthand look!

Wahib Sadek Hamed was racing through the streets of Arlington, Texas before he was stopped by police for reckless driving. He got out of the car and tried to walk towards the cop, who tased him but wouldn’t go down. It took three taser attempts and the help of civilians to get this man in handcuffs. But you really have to see it for yourself…

The worst part about this is that Hamed is an ISIS supporter, which he claimed from his own mouth. In his car, he had an AK-47, a shotgun, and a handgun. He also had 200 rounds of ammunition.

Who knows what he was planning on doing with these materials — he may have been rushing off to commit a horrible crime before this police officer stopped him. And the officer did the right thing, following the proper procedures for escalated aggression.

This man was tased twice, managing to pull out the taser barbs that were hooked in his skin. He then started advancing on the police officer, who did not pull out his firearm and gave Hamed several advance warnings to get down on the ground.

Finally, the man was tased again and held to the ground, and several Texans rushed to help this officer handcuff the man and take him into custody. This is what the American people should be doing instead of protesting police officers.

There was no police brutality here — the officer acted well within his means to prevent this man from going back into his car and no doubt trying to get a weapon to use against the officer. This man will be behind bars because of this cop and the aid of the people.

This is how our officers should address situations like this — only pull out the gun if it is absolutely necessary. Too many times officers pull out their sidearms, and all it does is escalate the situation into something it shouldn’t be.

Tasers are a safe and effective way to get someone into custody without accidentally killing them, which would have prevented law enforcement in this case from learning anything about this man’s ties to a terrorist organization. Guns are very useful, and they should be used but in the proper order of threat escalation.

This police officer also protected himself from a lawsuit or a protest by angry liberals who are against the men and women in blue as well as guns. Now, they don’t have a leg to stand on because this officer was well within his rights to act.

He was protecting himself and the people of Arlington, and he may have prevented a serious attack from occurring in the future. This officer should be congratulated on a job well done, and so should the local Texans for their action and bravery.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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