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WATCH: ISIS Terrorists Get Decimated By Airstrikes While Filming Recruitment Video

Why any seemingly normal terrorist (I’m still chuckling) would expose himself to getting himself and his followers blown up, is beyond rational reasoning, and perhaps that’s where the trouble exists.

In that how rational could anyone be in this line of work?

Obviously self-preservation and sound instincts aren’t a part of the terrorist hand book, in that filming a terrorist recruiting video outdoors and in daylight, is a pretty stupid move, as this video footage graphically illustrates.

The video is only about 30-seconds long and captures a group of radical Islamic terrorists, the bearded character in the center is shouting and apparently attempting to recruit with outstretched arms as he speaks, when suddenly half way into the video a Russian missile interrupts the telecast, with an ear-splitting BOOOMM.

As the camera suddenly jerks, and although it’s not clear if they all went to meet ALLAH, one thing is certain Russia isn’t going back to their bases with any missiles.

Since December 2015 Russian long-range warplanes have carried out 145 sorties against Islamic State targets since joining the country’s anti-terror campaign in Syria in mid-November.

“In total, long-range aviation aircraft in Syria have carried out around 145 mission sorties, some 1,500 bombs have been dropped and about 20 cruise missiles have been fired,” Gen. Anatoly Konovalov, deputy commander of Russia’s long-range aviation force, told Ekho Moskvy radio station.


H/T: Usherald

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