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WATCH: Jennifer Lopez, Husband Alex Rodriguez Endorse Joe Biden

Yet another celebrity has endorsed Joe Biden for president: singer, actress Jennifer Lopez and her husband Alex Rodriguez.

As reported by Fox News, the “Jenny from the Block” singer endorsed the former vice president while speaking with him and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, on a virtual chat. Throughout the talk, the couple talked about their most important issues: rebuilding the economy, overcoming racism, and defeating COVID-19.

“We’re thrilled and we’re excited to vote. I think our voice has never been more important,” Rodriguez told Biden. “We want to come together as a team to defeat Covid and to rebuild this U.S. economy that needs us all so much.”

“For me, it’s unifying the nation again, you know. Getting rid of this hate. Thinking about my kids walking around in a world where, you know, it’s okay to be racist or prejudiced because our administration says it’s okay,” added Lopez. “That, to me, is really sad ‘cause it’s not the country I believe that I grew up in.”

Jennifer Lopez then asked Joe Biden to explain what he would do to help the Latino community, which has been severely affected by COVID-19. After he laid out the usual talking points about how Trump has failed to help Latinos, Lopez said she hopes the American Latino community will realize their power.

“My kind of hope and quest for the Latino community is that they start understanding their power, they understand what they mean to this country, that their vote counts,” said Lopez.

“But I hope you realize your power,” Jill told Lopez. “For the last couple months, I’ve been having charlas with so many Latina women, and I tell them … ‘If I have the honor of being the next first lady, Latina women will have a seat at the table.’”

“And in the cabinet,” Biden added.

Jennifer Lopez endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 and urged Latinos in Florida to get out and vote.

“This election is one of the most important in our lifetime,” she said at the time. “Florida, home to one of my favorite cities, Miami, and millions of Latinos is a pivotal state in this election. It’s time to unify, support, and vote for the only choice that makes sense not only for Women or for Latinos, but for all Americans. Vote for Hillary. I’m with her.”

Jennifer Lopez’s endorsement of Joe Biden comes a little over a week after pop singer Taylor Swift endorsed the former vice president, declaring him the “change we need most.”

“The change we need most is to elect a president who recognizes that people of color deserve to feel safe and represented, that women deserve the right to choose what happens to their bodies, and that the LGBTQIA+ community deserves to be acknowledged and included,” Swift told V Magazine. “Everyone deserves a government that takes global health risks seriously and puts the lives of its people first. The only way we can begin to make things better is to choose leaders who are willing to face these issues and find ways to work through them.”

Under a Biden/Harris administration, Swift said that “America has a chance to start the healing process it so desperately needs.”

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