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WATCH – Judge Napolitano Just Made THIS Shocking Trump Announcement

We all know that with Donald Trump in the White House, Obamacare will be on its way out. And our President has begun to make good on his promise.

Already Trump has stopped the IRS from collecting the fine Americans incur for not buying Obamacare– and Judge Napolitano loves it. “Trump’s revolutionary act is a breeze of freedom on a sea of regulation. It recognizes something modern governments never admit — that they can be and have been wrong.” Napolitano stated.

Obamacare made it law that all Americans had to purchase and maintain a health insurance plan. This was known as the “individual mandate.”

The way the Republicans see it, the government should not be able to dictate to the American people to purchase a certain product, because it undermines a necessary component of capitalism– competition. If you have to buy something, what incentive does the company have to make the product good?

But the way the Democrats see it, Congress could regulate commerce in states, and influence the activity on people who are the major part of the commercial industry.

To make sure that this was controlled, the IRS would take the market value of the standard policy away from those who refused to obtain the insurance. Although the government did not call it a tax, that’s exactly what it was.

What happened to freedom and control of the people? Well, it went right out the window under Obama. No matter how bad Obamacare got, the Democrats refused to admit that there was anything wrong with it.

No so with Trump. He is willing to stand up and say that the government was wrong, that it should be smaller, that is needs to stop trying to control whether people buy health insurance. I don’t think any Democrat politician is ever going to admit this– even though We the People know it is true.

Although Obamacare was forced upon all Americans, it was not “designed” to help everyone, according to the architect of the plan, Johnathan Gruber, as the Angry Patriot has previously reported. We shouldn’t be taxed for something that has no benefit to us, but that only ruins the healthcare market.

The government should not be able to dictate what healthcare I am or am not allowed to have. Donald Trump is going to be putting in a softer system, one that still helps people but allows them to have their own doctors and their own plans, or no plan if they wish! So long, Obamacare, you will not be missed.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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