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WATCH – Laura Ingraham SHUTS DOWN ‘Hypocrite’ Kasich For His Nasty Trump Attacks

It turns out that John McCain is not in the RINO faction all by himself. Governor John Kasich is right there with him.

Kasich made some comments against Trump’s administration, including saying that “words matter” and “not just in America, but all over the world.” In response to this, Laura Ingraham’s tweet exposed him for the hypocrite he is…

Well, Kasich once pledged to back Trump and has failed to follow through on that in any way. So much for keeping promises, huh Kasich?

This RINO doesn’t want President Trump to “alarm” the European nations with the sudden responsibility of paying their fair share of U.S. military protection. Out of the 28 nations that are members of NATO, the U.S. pays 73 percent of the defense spending of $900 billion. America pays $650 billion, compared to the 27 other nations that pay a total of $250 billion, via Biz Pac Review.

President Trump is going to change this. He believes that all NATO members should chip in to military spending if they want to continue to receive it. It shouldn’t be so shocking to have to pay for what you use!

For some reason, the Democrats and the RINOs are in disbelief that Trump would ever ask for such a thing as a “fair share;” they are offended even. Many, like Kasich, believe that this would be an unfair thing to ask and will hurt our European allies. Why? Because “words matter.”

What Kasich and even McCain are, quite frankly, are sore losers. Both lost out in elections and now are bitter and refuse to positively contribute to the country that did not choose them. Both are still trying to remain relevant, and they don’t mind throwing their “fellow” Republicans under the bus to do so.

It is fair to ask that the other members of NATO chip in with the defense spending. The U.S. should not be responsible for the majority of the payload.

If everyone paid their way in equal portions, all 28 countries would be paying around $32 billion. This may sound steep to some countries but not to America.

Kasich is pretty much a liberal even though he claims to be a Republican. The easiest way to tell is when they go back on their promises and viciously attack those who beat them with illogical and immature points given to the mainstream media. Kasich has fallen a long way — that much is clear.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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