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WATCH: Leftists Attack Lauren Southern. Her Response Triggers Meltdown.

A leftist organization called “Yelling At Racist Dogs” attacked right-wing Canadian activist Lauren Southern in Adelaide, Australia this week, screaming at her that she was a “racist dog” without any evidence to support their claims.

“Can I just ask why you are such a racist dog,” a woman asked Southern on Tuesday.

Southern responded by asking the woman, who apparently is a refugee, what evidence she had to support her claims, to which the woman repeatedly stated: “You’re just a racist dog.”

A man who was standing there shouted at Southern that the fact that she questioned the refugee about allegations she was making proves that she was a racist.

“A refugee isn’t a race,” Southern responded.

“Oh, okay, what is a race?” the man shouted as he became visibly more upset. “Tell us what a race is.”

“A race is a skin color or an ethnicity,” Southern responded.

The man and the woman immediately began screaming at her, calling her a “racist dog” as they apparently thought they had just caught Southern in a “gotcha moment,” even though they didn’t.


Tonight @Lauren_Southern went outside to speak to some of her protestors.

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