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WATCH: Levin Reminds ‘Pseudo-Media’ Of How Badly Democrats Have Mishandled Russia

Mark Levin appeared on Fox News’ “Hannity” earlier this week and offered sharp criticism of the mainstream media’s slanted coverage of President Donald Trump’s summit with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin.

Levin told host Sean Hannity, “Well, comparing the president’s conference with Putin to Pearl Harbor, 9/11, Kristallnacht, the beginning of the holocaust, calling him a traitor and treasonous. You know, two weeks ago they said he was running Japanese internment camps and Nazi concentration camps, this is the pseudo-media.”

Levin could not resist working in a jab at media darling porn star Stormy Daniels, who was arrested recently and released with no charge.

“Now the liberals, the media, the Democrats, some Republicans very upset about Russia. You know, they’ve had more positions on Russia than Stormy Daniels as far as I’m concerned,” he quipped.

Levin also provided historical precedents for the United States having summits with past Russian leaders and the fallout from them.

“In 1945 at the Yalta Conference, Franklin Roosevelt sold out half of Europe to Stalin,” he said. “He repeatedly praised Stalin. Franklin Roosevelt is the hero of the Democrat Party, he of Japanese internment camps too. In Yalta he gave up half of Europe to the Soviet Union.”

Levin also criticized the Obama Administration for taking a softball approach to the Russians.

“Obama did nothing effective at all to stop the Russians interference in our election,” he said. “He’s the one who ought to be under investigation. No pushback for the invasion of Georgia. No pushback for the annexation of Crimea. No pushback for the invasion of Eastern Ukraine. No pushback from Russia’s criminal shoot down of flight MH-117.”

Levin continued: “He capitulated to Russia and Syria. The un-met red lines. His betrayal of Poland and the Czech Republic by ceding to Russia’s demand to remove missile defense systems there. He betrayed the Ukraine by refusing to provide them with defensive weapons.”

Despite Trump’s widely-criticized presser at the Helsinki summit, Levin insists that, compared to past Democrat administrations, the president has taken a stronger stance with Russia.

“All of this hysteria, the fact of the matter is Trump hasn’t done a thing to harm America with respect to Russia, and Obama did nothing to protect America when it came to Russia, the same attitude Obama had when it came to the Chinese in the South China sea building their phony islands,” he said.

“So the attacks on Trump, this overwrought, hysterical, insane attack by the media, the Democrats some on the Republican party and some phony conservatives — ok, you’re allowed to question the president, just don’t go nuts,” he concluded.

Watch the clip below:

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