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Watch Liz Wheeler’s complete and utter teardown of Elizabeth Warren and Planned Parenthood

Liz Wheeler took Sen. Elizabeth Warren to school on the facts about Planned Parenthood.

The host of One America News’ “Tipping Point” took the Massachusetts senator to task after Warren gave an impassioned, if not 100 percent accurate, speech on the virtues of Planned Parenthood and the reasons for the government to continue funding it.

“I am sick of coming down to the Senate floor to explain to Republicans what Planned Parenthood does,” in a June speech on the Senate floor before Republicans introduced a health care bill. “I am sick of explaining it provides millions of women with birth control, cancer screenings, and STI tests every year. I am sick of pointing out again and again that federal dollars do not fund abortion services at Planned Parenthood or anywhere else.”

“Speaker Ryan called this ‘mean’ bill ‘pro-life,’ but this is just the biggest political play of all,” Warren said. “Calling something ‘pro-life’ won’t keep women from dying from back-alley abortions. It won’t help them pay for the cancer screenings that could save their lives,” she continued. “The ‘pro-life’ label is the Republicans playing politics with women’s lives.”

Wheeler picked apart Warren’s points on her “Tipping Point” segment.

“I’m sick of Democrats like Elizabeth Warren pretending that Planned Parenthood is anything other than a giant abortion business,” she said.

Wheeler explained, with numbers from Planned Parenthood itself, that the group performs less than two percent of all breast exams, less than one percent of all Pap Smears and zero percent of mammograms while performing 34.9 percent of all abortions in America.

And, no, federal funds don’t specifically go to funding abortions, but Planned Parenthood gets half a billion dollars annually from the government, which frees their other funds to use towards abortions while it funds Democrat candidates, Wheeler said.

She further explained that there are many more federally licensed health clinics nationwide that do provide the services for women that Planned Parenthood does not.

“I’m sick of liberals on the Senate floor, like you Senator Warren, getting your facts wrong. Accusing Republicans of being anti-women while you subsidize and support an abortion business built on exploiting women in crisis and killing their babies, just so you can keep your seat in Congress.”

But it is fair to say that not all Democrats share Sen. Warren’s pro-abortion position.

And this week when the head of the Democrat campaign arm said he would fund Democrats that are pro-life it sent Cecile Richards, the president of Planned Parenthood, into a rage on social media.

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