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WATCH: Maxine Waters Makes HUGE Fool Of Herself, Didn’t Know She Was Recorded

While liberals can excuse a lot of poor behavior in their politicians, I think Maxine Waters just crossed the line. Even her Californian constituents are about to be very embarrassed.

Vladimir “Vovan” Kuznetsov and Alexi “Lexus” Stoliarov, two Russian pranksters, reportedly managed to call Waters and convince her that a made-up country called “Limpopo” was in danger of being invaded by Putin and his forces.

Judging by the shock and urgent tone in Waters’s voice, she fell for it! Once again, she has proved that she has no concept of geography.

Earlier, Waters embarrassed herself by confusing Crimea with Korea and not being able to remember the name of the city of Aleppo. This was just after an incident where Nancy Pelosi confused Donald Trump with President Bush — a double Democrat slip-up!

These two pranksters pretended to be Volodymr Groysman, the Ukrainian prime minister, and Waters believed them. She might as well have fallen for those spam emails that say “get rich fast, send me your credit card information!” This is a huge embarrassment to the Democrat party.

During the call, they discussed sanctions that Trump has set up against Russia. Waters even mentioned how Senator John McCain and Lindsey Graham wanted more aggressive sanctions towards the country. She talked about the Republican senators like they were on her team, which is troubling.

But when talking about how Putin took over the country of “Limpopo,” which only exists in children’s books, Waters claimed that she would offer assistance in overturning the Russian dictator!

How did she fall for this? If Putin had invaded another country or even another area in Ukraine, didn’t Waters think it would be all over the media? This just goes to show that Democrats have nothing working above the neck.

Maxine Waters has had many embarrassing moments over the years, including one where, according to Breitbart, she stated that her “greatest desire” was to lead Trump “right into impeachment.” Not to help her people, not to make the country better, but rather to try and disgrace it by “leading” a president into impeachment.

Yet again, we see the idiotic mindset of liberals who do not get their way. One would think her greatest desire would be lead her people to some monumental achievement, not the selfish act of taking down a president.

I have to question the people that voted for her because to put it mildly, Maxine Waters is clueless!

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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