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WATCH – Media Attacked Trump’s 10-Year-Old Son, So Judge Jeanine TORE THEM APART

Judge Jeanine Pirro did not hold back when lambasting her peers in the media for attacking President Donald Trump’s 10-year-old son, Barron Trump.

“All of this stuff is an example of the disrespect and the disintegration of civility in our society,” Judge Jeanine Pirro said about the attacks by Liberals on Barron Trump. “It is a total disrespect for the first family.”

There have been children in the White House during the majority of the presidential administration’s in the country’s history. Never before has it been open season on one of them.

Although Barron Trump is nearly as tall as his father, he is only 10 years old! A fourth grader is a still a child by anyone’s estimate.

Barron Trump did not run for office. He had absolutely no choice about being cast into the public spotlight.

The White House was right to release a blunt statement earlier this week demanding he be treated like every other child of the president has been treated, with respect. The call for privacy for the boy should never have been necessary!

“I don’t mind some humor, but for NBC to attack my 10-year-old son is a disgrace. He’s a great boy and it’s not an easy thing for him,” President Trump said when talking to Sean Hannity. He also called Saturday Night Live a “failing show.”

SNL is now down one of its primary writers. Katie Rich was removed from the writing staff credits after her horrific and disgusting tweet about Barron Trump being the future first “homeschool” mass shooter in America. The tweet was brutally inappropriate, and made no sense, seeing as the youngest Trump goes to a prep school and has never been educated at home.

Judge Jeanine made a very valid point when comparing Melania Trump to both former First Lady Hillary Clinton and former First Lady Michelle Obama. Mrs. Trump has not be a political activist and has not given speeches about policies her husband wants to impose — unlike Michelle Obama.

Also, Melania is not setting herself for a future political run, as Hillary Clinton very obviously was. She has not and will not be tasked with creating a new law like Hillary did on healthcare during Bill Clinton’s administration.

Melania Trump is a wife and a mother. Barron Trump is a minor child of a president. That’s all, and that’s enough. They are members of the first family and they love its patriarch.

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Source: Angrypatriotmovement

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