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WATCH: Meghan McCain Slams Lori Loughlin As The Face Of ‘White Privilege’ After ‘Party Bus’ Court Appearance

On Friday, “The View” co-host Meghan McCain criticized actress Lori Loughlin — who was recently charged for her involvement in a college admission scandal — as the face of “white privilege.”

“Part of the problem is, [Loughlin’s] become the face of everything, culturally, we hate about white privilege. ‘I can buy my kids’ way into college, I can spend $500,000,'” McCain slammed the actress.

The Republican and her co-hosts were reacting to video footage of a smiling Loughlin showing up to her court appearance on Wednesday in a charter bus and signing autographs for fans. Aside from signing autographs, a report from The New York Posts notes that the actress told a reporter that she was “great” and patted them on the arm, asking, “How are you?”

“Inside the courtroom, Loughlin, 53, flashed a 1,000-watt smile as she approached the prosecution table and shook hands with each of the four feds handling her case,” the report noted.

“As someone who loves a party bus … she arrived to court in a party bus with her lawyers,” McCain continued. “I thought that was weird. Then she’s getting out and waving and smiling. It’s like, you did a heinous crime. We don’t know the ramifications, and you’re acting like it’s a red carpet. It’s amazing and so far off from the seriousness of this case, and I think it offended so many people.”

“Lock her up, huh?” mocked co-host Joy Behar. “She should actually try to act a bit more contrite, but she’s not that good an actress.”

“This is not ‘Full House,’ this is the big house,” guest co-host and “Republican strategist” Ana Navarro offered.

“You’re talking about other kids who didn’t get the seat at the school after working really hard because you did something illegal. You gamed the system,” said co-host Sonny Hostin.

It was revealed in March that the “Full House” actress and her husband were entangled in a college bribery scheme dubbed “Operation Varsity Blues.” According to charging documents, Loughlin allegedly “agreed to pay bribes totaling $500,000 in exchange for having their two daughters designated as recruits to the USC crew team — despite the fact that they did not participate in crew — thereby facilitating their admission to USC,” The Daily Wire reported.

Actress Felicity Huffman was also named in the scandal. The former “Desperate Housewives” star “is accused of ‘purported charitable donation’ of $15,000 to Singer in order to get her eldest daughter into an elite college. She and he husband, actor William H. Macy (referred to in the complaint only as ‘spouse’), also allegedly connected with Singer a second time to begin facilitating college admissions for their younger daughter, but eventually pulled out of the project,” noted The Daily Wire.


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