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WATCH: Melania Has “Clever” Speech Opening, Crowd Goes NUTS

Our nation is falling in love with Melania Trump more and more every day. And after today’s rally in Melbourne, Florida, I think every conservative is officially head over heels.

Instead of the normal “pumping up” of the crowd, Melania chose to start the rally off with the Lord’s Prayer…

By the reaction of the crowd, I would say they loved it!

It sounded more like the start of a football game after the National Anthem rather than what we would expect to hear after a prayer.

Something else was also clear here, that Melania is still very humbled by the role that has been thrust upon her as first lady.

That kind of humbleness is heartwarming and something this country direly needs.

I think we can also put to rest the rumors from the media that she is upset with her husband over the role that is expected of her.

It was pretty clear to me that while she was nervous, she was also enjoying herself. It is unlikely that she would have even shown up at the rally if the fake news the media is putting out were actually true.

Michelle Obama let a lot of Americans down when she was the first lady. She pushed programs that burned tax dollars as well as insulting the history of our country and the country itself.

Now, we have a first lady that is humbled by her role and extremely proud of the country and the opportunity it offers her as a LEGAL immigrant.

This is only the beginning, patriots, because Melania will eventually become more comfortable as our First Lady and Americans will love her even more.

H/T Angrypatriotmovement

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